Kyle's Shooting Star Foundation

Supporting Children & Families in
Their Time of Need

When a child is diagnosed with a life threatening illness, the entire family feels the pain. In addition to the emotional stress and fears we may expect, families also wage a financial battle that causes additional strain. Parents must make difficult choices about how to balance their time between earning the money their family needs to survive, and cherishing the precious moments with their child that they cannot afford to miss.

Kyle's Shooting Star Foundation was founded in 2006, in honor of Kyle, who displayed amazing courage and resilience as he faced the unrelenting challenges of cancer including treatments and surgeries. Despite the hardships Kyle endured, he approached life with a hopeful and generous heart. Kyle’s legacy lives on in the mission of this foundation.

Through fundraisers, special events, and individual pledges, we provide meaningful donations to children and their families to navigate their hardships. We strive to fill the need gaps that other resources aren’t able to.

We not only help with basic needs such as food, utilities and household related needs, we also help with quality of life needs to support the hope and resilience of all family members. We know that in times of uncertainty, families need to experience normalcy. Because of this, we assist in providing resources to support activities including but not limited to going to a movie, enjoying an amusement park, playing a sport or continuing a hobby. The foundation tailors the assistance provided, acknowledging the unique circumstances in each situation and family.

"Thank you to those who came out and supported our foundation this past New Years Eve 12/31/2013. We are blessed to have such great support for such a great cause!"
Kyle's Shooting Star Foundation